Calvin’s Farm will soon be offering speedcubing courses, taught by Calvin’s older brother, Ryan Pilat. The target audience would be kids ages 10-18, who currently cannot solve a 3×3 Rubik’s Cube but would like to learn how. We will offer two different course types:

In-person coaching – Tailored to your skill level. For complete beginners, you can find what will be covered in the first few lessons here. Contact Ryan here if you are interested.

Online video lessons – More details to come later, once the course is available. Below is a free preview of Lesson 1 – Overview.

The Cross Timbers Gazette posted an article about Ryan in their newspaper, which you can read here.

Calvin would also like to announce that Ryan will be competing at the WCA North American Championship in Minneapolis, MN this July, as well as the pre-competition All-Stars event at the Mall of America® featuring 30 of the fastest speedcubers in the country. Live stream information will be posted at a later date.