Calvin’s Philosophy

Calvin is only 5 years old right now, and he is deeply curious. While he maintains a very open mind about the world, there are a few points he has already settled. Read on to enjoy Calvin The Farmer’s view of the world.

Simplicity is the Answer

If you can not understand it through the simplest terms, chances are it is wrong.

Sustainability is the Basis

If the process is unlikely to succeed indefinitely, it is unlikely to be a good idea to even start.

Farming and Taxation

Calvin is deeply disappointed with the regulation and suppression involved in the food creation and distribution systems. He is also more than a bit frustrated by the overall inequity and complexity of the taxation systems into which he was born.

Calvin believes that no human being should be taxed on their own labor.

Calvin believes that all people should be encouraged, perhaps incentivized to eat locally and sustainably.

Functionally, Calvin’s Homeschool clearly demonstrates that 0.5 acre of land is plenty of space to maintain a homestead and establish a significant food supply.

All the hard working families willing to put in the effort should receive equal or better tax exemptions as the big companies pedaling the absolute opposite of sustainability to the world.

Calvin supports legislation to reduce the Farm Designation Criteria to 0.5 Acre and to reduce the waiting period to 5 months instead of 5 years.

Ask The Farmer

You are welcome to email your questions and favorite topics to for expert five year old opinions. If he does not respond promptly, it is because he doesn’t care about that topic just yet.