Order Our Fresh Flower Mound Eggs

Order our fresh Flower Mound eggs from free range Rhode Island Red & Easter Egger Chickens born in September 2021 & 2022. Calvin has cared for these chickens with fresh bedding, feed, exercise and love.

2 Dozen One Time Purchase$16

Orders can be delivered to the Flower Mound Inspire Yoga distribution hub. You can choose to pick up your order at 1401 Shoal Creek Drive Suite 268 Highland Village, Texas. Eggs will be dropped off frequently, and you can pick them up after your yoga class.

Alternatively, you are welcome to coordinate a direct pick-up from the Flower Mound farm. Please write in the comments of your order if you wish to pick up your eggs at Inspire Yoga or directly from the Flower Mound Farm. We will email you after we receive your order.

Any questions can be emailed to calvinsfarm@gmail.com

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