All you need to know about Wave Guard

All You Need To Know About Wave Guard

Written By Ryan Pilat (Student at Calvin’s Farm)

My grandparents recently spent four thousand dollars on a product called Wave Guard that got shipped to my door a few weeks ago. I was confused as to why someone would spend four thousand dollars on a seemingly useless disk of wood, copper, and unknown internal materials. Calvin thought this was strange, too.

Calvin assigned me to a week-long research project to figure this thing out. 

Here is what you need to know about Wave Guard technology.

What is Wave Guard?

Wave Guard is a product that is designed to protect you from dangerous electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) and all sorts of radiation. It is designed and made in Germany, and has been proven to be 100% safe and effective. 

There is another company also called Wave Guard that makes the exact same types of products, but from Switzerland. If it were my choice, I would buy from them, as their website is more informative and they offer more products. Both Wave Guard companies have products that come in many shapes and forms, ranging from a small box you can wear around your neck to bigger cones and cylinders that can protect a much larger radius surrounding the product, up to a 165 foot radius for one of the largest products. 

The Wave Guard we have is called the Qi-Home Cell, made by the German company. It is a large cylindrical device made from a copper sheet capped with two large, round, wooden disks on the top and bottom of the cylinder. The Qi-Home Cell is about 5 inches tall, and 15 inches in diameter. It is fairly heavy and takes up a decent amount of space. It weighs about as much as my little sister Emery, about 18 pounds.

What does Wave Guard do?

In order to understand what the Wave Guard does, first we have to understand more about electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) and their prevalence in our world. EMF comes from electrical structures, devices and gadgets, and can cause many different health problems including insomnia, birth defects, neurological issues, and cancer. Things like smart meters, cell phone towers, 5G towers, microwaves, computers, WiFi routers, electric coffee makers, and more all emit EMF radiation. Too much of the wrong radiation can be harmful if not protected against.

This is where Wave Guard comes in. Wave Guard products attract and absorb electro-magnetic frequencies found in waves. Ideally, you would want to limit the amount of EMF emitting devices we use, however, when that is not possible, Wave Guard is a good alternative that will help mitigate the effects that this radiation can have on our bodies. 

What is inside a Wave Guard product?

Inside every Wave Guard product is an antenna made out of specific types of metals, enclosed with real silver. They are then coiled around a quartz cylinder containing rare earth gems in certain proportions that match the patterns of human DNA. The larger the Wave Guard product is, there are more valuable resources it uses, and its protection can cover more space. 

How does Wave Guard function and what are the physics behind it?

Wave Guard products act as a receptor more powerful than the natural receptors in your body, so it will absorb the dangerous EMF and radiation instead of you. It blocks you from the dangerous EMF waves by absorbing them into the coils which will then change them back to good, natural waves. The antennas inside Wave Guard products create certain forces which interact with other materials inside the product which effectively cancel out the dangerous waves from EMF radiation devices. The rare earth gemstones inside the coils of Wave Guard products have special properties that can guide certain waves, which is part of what cancels out the dangerous waves. 

What other comparable products are out there and how do they differ?

There are many other products that block dangerous EMF and radiation, but most of them act in a different way than Wave Guard. Instead of special materials inside a box that redirect the waves, most of the other products are designed to place over something that emits EMF, or something that needs to be protected against EMF. Examples of this include protective covers to place over WiFi routers and smart meters that block most of their EMF and radiation, and clothing made out of certain materials to protect yourself from EMF and radiation, such as a beanie hat. Here is one that Calvin recommends. In summary, Wave Guard redirects the waves like a lightning rod, while many of the other products block the waves like a shield.

How did Grandpa get convinced to spend four thousand dollars on Wave Guard products?

I think that Grandpa either saw an advertisement about Wave Guard or heard about Wave Guard from a friend. Then, he probably did some research by looking around and watching a few videos on the Wave Guard website, and decided that this product is necessary and is somehow worth four thousand dollars. Grandpa also knows the harmful effects of EMF, radiation, and 5G, so alternatively he could have been searching for the best ways to protect himself and his family against it. The four thousand dollar investment is in hopes that his family’s health will be preserved and not deteriorated due to the growing electro-magnetic frequencies in our world. 

Before you buy Wave Guard products, you should read over my points and do proper research. If Grandpa needs a four thousand dollar device to protect us from EMF, how much danger does EMF pose?