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At our Flower Mound Homeschool, we teach sustainability

Flower Mound Homeschool
Meet Calvin, the most lovable farmer in Flower Mound, Texas

At Calvin’s Flower Mound Homeschool, our goal is to make the world a better place by teaching sustainability through small chicken farming. Calvin’s Farm provides a fun outdoor experience and offers project based learning homeschool courses. We produce fresh eggs every day from our free range chickens here at the farm. You always know where your eggs come from at Calvin’s Farm.

About Our Homeschool

Calvin’s Flower Mound Homeschool experience is enjoyable for any curious three year old up to a sixteen year old interested in science and engineering. It’s all outdoors, so dress appropriately.

Right now we have approximately 20 Rhode Island Red chickens and 10 Easter Egger chickens growing and grazing on a tranquil prairie in Flower Mound, Texas. A 30 minute homeschool tour of this mini farm is a great experience for any Flower Mound Homeschool group.

You are welcome to email us at calvinsfarm@gmail.com and request a tour for your homeschool group. A minimum of 7 days notices is required. A maximum of two adults and six children per tour.

What you will learn is that these chickens are a factory of sustainability. Chickens provide fresh eggs for the community and nitrogen enrichment for great soil. Since you need rich soil for farming, next year’s garden should be great.

It turns out that sustainability education takes a lot of hard work, effort, and resources. Therefore, we are grateful for our proud sponsors here at Calvin’s Farm, and appreciate your support.

Gold Sponsors: Inspire Yoga, MBS Leadership

Calvin's Farm Gold Sponsors
Gold Sponsors

Donate to Calvin’s Homeschool

Donate to our Flower Mound Homeschool and help feed a chicken! All funds are greatly appreciated and go towards Calvin’s education and production of more eggs for you.

Donations received: $400+

You can also check out our Youtube channel, where we post videos about our homeschool and our farm.

3 replies on “Welcome To Calvin’s Farm”

Hi! I met Calvin and Adam at the park. I’m Maya and Luci’s nanny, Audrey. Adam told me to send a message to get in contact with you guys. Thanks!

Hey Adam!
Just came by after we visited to see the farm!

Very nice!

Thanks for the visit. Sorry to leave. I had to get Mom in because she was getting too hot.

What was that link you told me for your 5G device?

Talk later.

Hi Terry,

This is the correct website, yes. To find the “wave guard” lesson, you have to be on a desktop and go to the “lessons” tab on the top. It will be one of the drop down options.

How to make this lesson also available on mobile is one of my son’s current projects.

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